Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija as the only institution in the Republic of Croatia, which is entirely oriented towards education, human resources development and scientific research in the field of tourism and hospitality, performs the Undergraduate university study  “Sustainable development management " (4 years, 240 ECTS).

Undergraduate university study programme "Management of sustainable development"  is performed at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija as a:

  • full-time study programme or
  • part-time study programme 

Duration of study

8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS credits


Enrolment conditions

Completed four-year secondary school, certificate of the state graduation exam and conditions acquired for the enrolment in the first year of study.

Aim of the study programme

The aim of the study programme is to train students to solve complex business activities and to manage business processes in the field of business economics in tourism and sustainable development.

Competences acquired upon study completion

  • Knowledge command in the field of business economics and sustainable development;
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate the trends related to sustainable development of tourism and to plan the policy of sustainable tourism development;
  • Ability to manage projets by taking into account the principles of sustainable development;
  • Ability to manage human, financial, material and information resources;
  • Organizational and managerial skills;
  • Business communication skills in mother tongue and foreign languages, and the use of information and communication technology;
  • Ability to apply legislation and standards in tourism, hospitality and sustainable development;
  • Ability to take responsibility for decision-making and to perform more complex jobs in tourism and hospitality, while respecting the principles of ethics and social responsibility.

Upon completion of this study programme, students will develop their personal skills and competences, including communication skills, learning abilities, independent work, research skills, teamwork, logical economic deliberation and others.

Employment opportunities

The undergraduate study programme is designed to provide relevant knowledge for performing lower and mid-level managerial jobs in  tourism sector, which in contemporary  conditions has to be developed on the principles of sustainable development.

Upon completion of this study programme employment opportunities are offered in:

  • Public sector;
  • Tourism (tourist organizations, tourist boards, tourist agencies and tourist associations);
  • All selective forms of tourist supply and accompanying industries (department of environment management, department of green supply, department of green infrastructure);
  • Education system;
  • Communal system, media, accounting control and inspection services;

Financial institutions and other companies where the sustainable development is carried out and developed.

Academic title or degree acquired after completed study completion

University Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) of Economics - abbreviation: univ. bacc. oec. (240 ECTS)

Continuation of studies

Applicants with the diploma of the University Bachelor of Economics (240 ECTS) can continue studying at one of the graduate studies, or enrol some of the lifelong learning programmes, respectively.