Name of the study program


Duration of the study program (ECTS)

 3 semesters – 90 ECTS


2 modules:

  • Management of a tourist destination
  • Management of hospitality operations


The aim of the postgraduate study is to enable students acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies of managerial functions in the tourist and catering economy and enable the already recognized managers or potential (younger) managers in tourism and hospitality at the completion of this specialist study to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in running a tourist and catering facilities and the knowledge about the changes in the business environment, while also taking into consideration the options of tourist facilities, as well as the environment in which they are located.The study is intended for managers in tourism and hospitality, and the emphasis is on the interactive relationship of teachers and students and the work in smaller groups.

Academic title

University Specialist in tourism and hospitality management (univ. spec. oec.)

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the specialist study, one acquires the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting business in tourism and hospitality, with a special emphasis on the adoption of organizational and managerial competences, such as:

  • the principles and models of modern management,
  • the control system of the execution the business and process functions,
  •  the legal regulations of the destination management and the categorization and the standardization of processes and facilities,
  • organization of work and the shaping of organizational the structure,
  • marketing approach in promoting tourist destinations and hospitality facility on the tourist market.


prof. dr. sc. Zdenko Cerović, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 051 294 685

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