Cost Management        Syllabus       
Financial Markets and Institutions    Syllabus    
Tourism Market Research    Syllabus    
Comparative Fiscal Systems    Syllabus    
Cultural Tourism    Syllabus    
International Capital Flows    Syllabus  
EU Project Management    Syllabus    
Management of Religious Events    Syllabus  
Methodology of Scientific Research    Syllabus    
Mobility in Tourism    Syllabus    
Quality System Models    Syllabus  
National Economics    Syllabus    
Nautical Tourism    Syllabus    
Entrepreneurship in Culture    Syllabus    
Business Intelligence    Syllabus
Business Communication in Tourism    Syllabus    
Applied Econometrics    Syllabus    
Hospitality Standards    Syllabus    
Statistical Process Control    Syllabus    
Strategic Marketing in Tourism    Syllabus    
Strategic Management in Tourism    Syllabus    
Tourism Consumption    Syllabus    
Tourism, Terrorism and Migration    Syllabus    
Brand Management and Promotion in Tourism    Syllabus    
Business Evaluation    Syllabus    
Web Design in Tourism and Hospitality    Syllabus