1. Explain properly and interpret the notions related to tourism and marketing in tourism.
  2. Explain, interpret and critically evaluate the micro and macro environment of a tourist destination.
  3. Manage independently a complex communication and other marketing activities in tourism.
  4. Analyze systematically and interpret the contribution of tourism to the national and global economy and social relations.
  5. Propose an appropriate marketing strategy in order to strengthen the competitiveness of a tourist destination and of an integral tourist product.
  6. Apply information and communication technology in business.
  7. Investigate market relationships in supply and demand motivated by new trends in tourism as the basis for the choice of marketing activities.
  8. Develop independently and apply the appropriate methods and models in the process of scientific research and analysis of trends as well as in business reporting and decision making.
  9. Take the team and personal responsibility for designing a project proposal and implementing a project idea.
  10. Analyze, interpret and use key indicators to evaluate business results.

By completing this program, students will develop general competencies such as the ability to abstract thinking, critical thinking, generating new ideas, identifying and solving problems, planning and managing time, continuous learning and training, work independence, and other skills.