1. Explain properly and interpret the notions related to tourism and sustainable development of tourism.
  2. Explain, interpret and evaluate critically the characteristics of the tourist destination product based on the principles of sustainable development.
  3. Analyze the results of scientific and professional research in the field of sustainable development and apply them in the tourist destination and among the participants in tourist offer.
  4. Analyze systematically and interpret the contribution of tourism in the national and global economy with emphasis on applying the principle of sustainable development.
  5. Manage and conduct business processes through specific organizational forms in the tourist destination.
  6. Apply the information and communication technology in business.
  7. Apply qualitative and quantitative methods of risk measurement aimed at the sustainable financial business.
  8. Suggest a suitable development strategy and business plans.
  9. Analyze and evaluate the economic and ecological problems of the tourist destination development.
  10. Apply scientific methods in the analysis of processes and trends and in business reporting.
  11. Critically consider the relationship between tourism and the space valorisation methods.
  12. Apply the concept of sustainable nutrition in creating new gastronomic offer aimed at health promotion and health preservation.
  13. Assess the structural global and regional changes in modern entrepreneurship that are imposed by sustainable development.

By completing this program, students will develop general competencies such as the ability to abstract thinking, critical thinking, generating new ideas, identifying and solving problems, planning and managing time, continuous learning and training, work independence, and other skills.