1. Interpret properly and explain the notions related to hotel industry and hotel industry management.
  2. Explain, interpret and critically evaluate the role of management at the level of process functions in the hotel industry.
  3. Analyze and apply the results of professional and scientific research in the hotel business.
  4. Analyze systematically and interpret the competitive edges of hotels in micro and macro environment.
  5. Manage hotel processes in order to increase competitiveness and quality.
  6. Apply the information and communication technology in business.
  7. Suggest a suitable development strategy, business plans and budget.
  8. Investigate market relationships in supply and demand motivated by new trends in tourism.
  9. Apply scientific methods in process and trend analysis and business reporting.
  10. Apply legislation and standards in tourism and hospitality.
  11. Take team and personal responsibility for the implementation of a project idea.
  12. Analyze, interpret and use key indicators to evaluate business results.

By completing this program, students will develop general competencies such as the ability to abstract thinking, critical thinking, generating new ideas, identifying and solving problems, planning and managing time, continuous learning and training, work independence, and other skills.