The study programme Hospitality Management strives to adapt the education for future  managers to modern trends and technological innovations in the hotel industry, taking into account globalization processes, new organizational forms and different relationships in the supply and demand structure of the target tourist market. A particular emphasis has been put on the contents in the programme that are closely related to the specific demands set on the hotel industry, by taking into account the specificities of hotel corporations, hotel chains, and small hotels that are becoming increasingly important within the tourist offer.

Study duration  

2 semesters

ECTS credits


Enrolment conditions

Completed undergraduate university study (240 ECTS credits)

Aim of the study programme

The aim of the study programme is to train students to perform managerial activities in the field of the hotel industry with an emphasis on the strategic and business management. 

Competences acquired upon study completion

  • Knowledge command in the field of the hotel industry;
  • Ability to investigate trends and promotion of business models in the hotel industry;
  • Self-management of business processes in the hotel industry;
  • Ability to formulate and implement the strategy of development, business plans and budget in the hotel industry;
  • Ability to apply information and communication technology in business;
  • Ability to monitor and apply legislation and standards in the hotel industry;
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate key indicators in the hotel industry;
  • Taking over the team and personal responsibility for realizing the project idea.

Upon completion of this study programme, students will develop general competencies such as the ability of abstract thinking, critical thinking, generating new ideas, identifying and solving problems, planning and managing time, continuous learning, work independence, and other skills.

Employment opportunities

Upon completion of this study programme the employment opportunities in the hotel industry in Croatia, as a rising activity, are widely open since the study program is designed to provide relevant knowledge, skills and competences for performing various business activities in the hotel industry, with the primary orientation towards managerial jobs in sales, housekeeping, gastronomy, restaurant business and other tourist services in a hotel. Experience has shown that the former graduates have successfully found themselves in new creative jobs aimed at specific target markets where defining of a hotel product is expected. The knowledge acquired through this study ensures successful management not only for small and medium-sized hotels (primarily for the module Business management in the hotel industry), but also for large hotels (primarily for the module Strategic management in the hotel industry), as these skills build a supplement for the skills acquired through undergraduate study programmes. Specific knowledge gained during the undergraduate and then graduate studies of this profile are particularly appreciated in large hotels.

Academic title or degree acquired after completed study completion

Master of economics - abbreviation: mag. oec.  (300 ECTS)

Continuation of studies

After completing this study, students have the opportunity to enrol in postgraduate doctoral studies or some of the professional postgraduate studies or lifelong learning programs, respectively.