HEALTH INSURANCE AND MEDICAL CARE: During your stay in Croatia, as an international student (and other staff members) you must have health insurance.

Non-EU countries with health care agreements with Croatia: If there is a signed bilateral health care agreement between your home country and Croatia, ask for the bilingual form (tiskanica) to be filled in and stamped by your health insurance company. The form should then be presented at the Croatian Health Insurance Company (Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje,, which will issue a health insurance document valid in Croatia (bolesnički list). Croatia has entered into agreements on social security with the following non-EU countries participating in CEEPUS: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): International students who have the European Health Insurance Card may use health care services upon presentation of the card and submission of the printout copy of the card, if other instructions are not given according to the Croatian legislation in force.

Countries without health care agreements with Croatia and without the European Health Insurance Card: Teachers from the countries that do not have bilateral health care agreements with Croatia or that do not use the European Health Insurance Card are obliged to organise and cover the costs of health care services by themselves. Kosovo is the only country in this category. Any health insurance expenses for scholarship holders from these countries not covered by the scholarship grant.

HEALTH FACILITIES IN RIJEKA (Hospitals, emergency dental services, pharmacies etc.)
HEALTHCARE students - UNIRI (How to choose a medical doctor in Croatia?)

Student Healthcare at UNIRI

Adequate healthcare is provided for all students that are enrolled at the University of Rijeka, including those who are not Rijeka residents. This care covers the services of a doctor/general practitioner (a GP) including dental care, an ob/gyn, a psychiatrist, i.e. psychological care. This ensures healthcare for all students and persons who are temporarily (over 3 months) residing outside their place of residence. The regulated healthcare insurance procedure for students is, as a rule, referred to health care institutions registered as such. In the case of students – foreign citizens who are not eligible for health care pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Croatia, health care can be regulated by some other mode of insurance.  source: