As a constituent of the University of Rijeka the Faculty is nowadays the only institution of higher education in the Republic of Croatia that offers programs in the field of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development on the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level, as well as a wide range of lifelong learning programs.

The Faculty acts as a creator of knowledge about tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development. Students are provided a quality education aimed at taking over the leadership positions in the conditions of a strong global competition.  Employees thereby play a crucial role. Stimulating working environment initiates innovation, scientific, research and educational excellence, loyalty and commitment. Creative partnerships with the economy, public sector and civil society provide scientific based solutions to economic and social challenges. It encourages excellence whereby all the activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of ethics and social responsibility.

Improvement of the quality of the teaching process, scientific and research work also build a part of the Faculty’s strategy.  Special attention will also be paid to the development of individuals and the institution and to the role of the Faculty in improving the quality of life of the community. It, furthermore, tries to including the most successful public and private businesses into its education and scientific work.

Further internationalisation, visibility and international appeal also play a key role in the strategy of the institution.


about research1

Scientific research in the field of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development represents the basic activity of the Faculty. Efforts will be made to raise the level of the scientific activity, to integrate the Faculty into the European research area and to encourage the circulation of researchers to increase personal and institutional research capacities. In order to achieve this, the following strategic objectives are set:

  1. FTHM is a research institution with a high level of scientific activity.
  2. FTHM is integrated into the European research area.
  3. FTHM encourages the concept of circulation of researchers in order to increase personal and institutional capacities.
  4. FTHM recognizes the importance of sustainable regional development and supports the research related to issues of sustainable development.


about education

The purpose of the Faculty is to provide modern education with the highest quality based on contemporary teaching methods and contemporary science in the field of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development. The strategic objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. FTHM promotes a high quality and efficient education.
  2. At FTHM students are at the very centre of the learning process and are co-responsible for the success of the educational process.
  3. At FTHM students are actively involved in cultural, sports and social activities.
  4. FTHM is integrated in the area of higher education.
  5. FTHM has a system that increases competitiveness and employability of students.
  6. FTHM increases availability of higher education to all interested individuals.
  7. FTHM develops systematically programs of lifelong learning.

Public involvement

about public involment

Employees and students are actively involved in public policy of the local government institutions, scientific and professional institutions, social organizations and civil society contributing to the development of the economy and the society as a whole. The strategic objectives in the area of public involvement are:

  1. FTHM is a publicly responsible and socially sensitive institution.
  2. FTHM is a driving force of economic development, as well as a relevant partner and an entity that ensures the transfer of knowledge.
  3. FTHM is a key factor in the transition of the region into a knowledge-based society.
  4. FTHM takes part in the activities of cultural development in the region.
  5. FTHM promotes health through a systematic development of university sports activities.


about organization

The strategic orientation of the Faculty is to be a flexible institution that meets market and public needs and to achieve the highest level of quality, organisation and responsibility in order to strengthen its position as a leader in the field of higher education for tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development. The aforementioned can be achieved by fulfilling the following strategic objectives:

  1. FTHM takes an active part in the integration of the University.
  2. FTHM establishes instruments for the development of each individual and institution in an efficient and transparent way.
  3. FTHM strives to achieve the highest level of quality, organisation and responsibility through its strategic management.
  4. FTHM is a flexible institution that satisfies market and public needs.
  5. FTHM has an elaborated plan of smart specialisation.
  6. FTHM is an internationally recognized institution for education in the field of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development.

Strategy of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management 2021 - 2025