alumni plakatIf you are an undergraduate, master or PhD graduate from FTHM,  become a member of the FTHM Alumni!

Former students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are its ambassadors and afterwards, with their knowledge and experience, they promote the reputation of the hospitality and tourism industry, thus actively participate in the development of the entire economy of the country.

Through our Alumni Association, we would like to connect former student-colleagues with each other and to cultivate and maintain the relations of the former students with their faculty.

We would like to inform you about the valuable activities of the Faculty and Alumni, which will help you to continue to learn and grow, while through connecting you build a successful network with your colleagues.

We can do this if we know who you are, where are you, where you work, and what have you achieved.


Get involved in the Association's work!

In addition to socializing, further learning and following of the Faculty's activities, we can actively help our future colleagues, today's students to choose their life and career path easier and to our Faculty to continue to build on the knowledge, profession, and practice we have chosen as our life profession!