The vision of the Faculty is to be a leader in higher education, scientific and professional research in the field of tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development in Croatia and wider region.


Strategic orientation of the Faculty in the next five years is to strengthen its position as a highly respected institution of higher education for tourism, hospitality industry and sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia and to disseminate knowledge throughout the wider region. Accordingly, special emphasis will be given to the improvement of the quality of the teaching process, scientific and research work. Special attention will also be paid to the development of individuals and the institution as a whole, to the public involvement of the employees and to the role of the Faculty in improving the life quality of the community where it operates.

Strategic goals and tasks arising from the vision and mission of the Faculty are defined and structured in accordance with the Development Strategy of the University of Rijeka 2014 - 2020 within four strategic areas: research, education, public involvement and organisation.

The Faculty encourages and ensures incoming and outgoing student and teacher mobility, the rational use of human and material resources, the development of multidisciplinary research, curricula and study programme innovation, quality monitoring and growth, an increase in the competitiveness of teaching as well as scientific and professional work, as well as intensifying its cooperation with the economy and the surroundings.

The Faculty actively contributes to the implementation of the key goals of the University of Rijeka while simultaneously striving to intensify its cooperation with similar institutions in Croatia and abroad.