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Keynote Speakers


Harald PechlanderHarald Pechlaner, PhD is a Foundation Professor of Tourism at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Germany, and is a Director of the Institute for Regional Development and Location Management at the European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. His research interest is mainly focused on the subjects of destination management and governance in tourism.

He is author and (co-) editor of more than 60 books and about 200 research articles in books and highly recognized scientific journals. He was Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and the University of Colorado at Boulder; Visiting Fellow at the University of Surrey (School of Management) and the University of Queensland (School of Tourism); Visiting Research Fellowship at Curtin University/Curtin Business School (School of Management); Guest Professor for Tourism at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Since 2014 he is Adjunct Research Professor at Curtin University/Curtin Business School (School of Marketing).

Prof. Pechlaner was a President of the ICRET (International Center of Research and Education in Tourism), a Board Member of the AIEST (Association Internationale d’Experts Scientifiques du Tourisme) and since 2014 he is a President of the AIEST. He has been President of the German Association of Tourism Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswissenschaft, DGT e.V.) and a technical board member of German National Tourism Organization (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V.).

zoran tuntevZoran Tuntev, PhD is a Full Time Professor at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, University of St. Kliment – Ohridski in Bitola, Macedonia, with more than 20 years of working experience. Being involved in many projects dealing with tourism development on both national and international levels, he put his signature on more than 20 relevant scientific articles. Prof. Tuntev is also the author of 4 books in the field of tourism. Due to his wide professional interests, today Prof. Tuntev gives lectures on Tourist Destination, Tourism & Environment, Hotel Management, Hotel Engineering.

Prof. Tuntev is a Visiting Professor at the Westpomerian University in Szczecin, Poland. His lectures are connected with Contemporary Trends in Hotel Management, Tourism & Environment and History of the Balkans, for both Erasmus Plus and Polish students.

He is a board member and consultant of BAHA (Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations, HOTAM (Hotel Association of Macedonia) and ATAM (Association of Macedonian Travel Agencies).

According to his professional philosophy, every true expert should always combine theory with practice: he runs two luxury villas and a guest house in Ohrid. Furthermore, as a licenced tour guide, he is always on the field with groups and individuals from all around the world.

Selma Kadic MaglajlicSelma Kadic-Maglajlic, PhD is Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing of the School of Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo. Her doctoral dissertation defended at University of Ljubljana, was awarded for scientific and methodological excellence by Institute for Market-Oriented Management, University of Mannheim (Professor Christian Homburg, and Professor Sabine Kuester) and Coty Germany GmbH.

Her research interests span from marketing and sales to philosophy and psychology in business. She is the author and co-author of several articles published in highly recognized scientific international journals (e.g. Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence) and more than 20 articles presented at international conferences (e.g. EMAC, AMA, AMS). As a visiting professor Dr. Kadic-Maglajlic was teaching at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Vienna, Austria), Stord/Haugesund University College (Haugesund, Norway) and Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana. Dr. Selma Kadic-Maglajlic is a member of the European Marketing Academy and American Marketing Association.

terry stevens
Terry Stevens, PhD is a Visiting Professor at a number of Universities including: Reading, the Dundee Business School, Granada (Spain), NHTV (Holland), Krems and MODULE (Austria), Cardiff Metropolitan and the Centre of Culture in Barcelona. He has also taught at Texas A&M and Ohio Sate Universities. In September 2015 he was invited to join the School of Management at Swansea University on advisory basis to establish ‘International Dynamic Destinations’, a new global knowledge sharing initiative.

Professor Stevens has been working in the industry since 1970 and holding a number of senior positions in the public and private sector prior to establishing his consultancy Stevens & Associates, a multi-award winning, international tourism consultancy now operating in over 50 countries around the world specialized in destination development, marketing and place-making.

In 2004/2005 he was commissioned to undertake a series of international best practice and benchmarking studies for the Scottish Government, including a review of the world’s best mountain destinations. In the last 26 years of his career he was a reviewer of some 350 destination development projects.

Professor Stevens has been a Vice Chair (Strategy) of the Wales Tourist Board and is a regular keynote speaker at global and international summits. He has written extensively on the subject of tourism development (over 300 books and chapters in books as well as articles in magazines and journals). His new book: “LANDSCAPE WALES” was published in April 2016 and he is now writing a book on great world destinations.


Mirela RoncevicMirela Roncevic is a professional editor and writer, content developer, consultant to book publishers as well as an ardent supporter of free and open access to books and knowledge beyond institutions and government entities, with a long history in traditional book and digital publishing. Over the course of her long publishing career in New York,  she has written, edited and published countless articles, reports, features, and book reviews. She has also spearheaded direction of a wide range of book series, journals, and newsletters. Mirela is currently Editorial Director of No Shelf Required, an international portal on a mission to promote the potential of ebooks and digital content to fully democratize access to knowledge regardless of one's location or background. Previously Mirela was senior book review editor at Library Journal (New York), co-editor of American Library Association's journal, eContent Quarterly, and managing editor of Salem Press' acclaimed Critical Insights book series.

In 2016, Mirela launched the Free to Read initiative, which brings publishers, libraries, innovators, educators and sponsors together to turn public and private spaces into zones (i.e., open virtual libraries) where people have free and uninterrupted access to books in digital format (via freely available reading apps). The Croatia Reads pilot project (December 2016), which was the culimination of her mission to spread free reading around the world and for which she returned to her native Croatia after 25 years of living abroad, was the world's first attempt to turn an entire country into an open virtual library, accessible to all people inside its borders, without proof of residence, citizenship or status.

Mirela speaks internationally on the future of books and digital content. Through her long-standing partnership with the American Library Association, she also teaches classes on publishing and librarianship, holds webinars and moderates panels at book fairs and library conferences, all aiming to raise the bar higher for all who write, produce, distribute and curate books and knowledge, including authors, educators, librarians, publishers, distributors, and booksellers. She holds a Master of Arts from New York University, with a specialization in comparative literature. When not writing about books, Mirela writes about her travels and is currently working on a collection of stories chronicling her solo train journeys across Europe.